Beginners Classes

We want to make your first steps of tango as easy and rewarding as possible. We have a variety of beginner level classes, which will suit most busy schedules. We understand that many students may be attending their very first dance class with us and we do everything possible to make you feel at home.
At Tango Fiesta we believe that absolutely everyone has the potential to dance. All it takes is a little training and patience. Dance is natural to everyone. It is our way to access and express our emotions. It is our innate response to music.

You can choose to attend class once or several times a week as your time and preference allow. No partner is required. In fact, over 90% of students attend class without a partner. You may wish to read through the F.A.Q section or watch our latest class or testimonial videos in order to get a sense of what happens in a tango class. If you would like to contact us for any further information, do not hesitate. We are delighted to answer any questions you might have.

Class Schedule


Drop-in Class

Pillar Room, Parnell Square.


Drop-in Class

Drop-in Class
Pillar Room, Parnell Square.

Studio 2,
Newmann Building, UCD.



Absolute Beginners
Drop-in Class

Absolute Beginners
Drop-in Class
Pillar Room, Parnell Square.

7.30pm - 9.30pm
Pillar Room, Parnell Square.

Beginners Technique Bootcamp

Intensive 3-hour immersion in the fundamentals of tango technique.
The perfect way to feel more confident on the dance floor.


 Saturday, 9th May , 2020

Time: 3-5 pm 

Where: Pillar Room, Parnell Square.

Beginners and everyone wishing to revise the basics

Price: €25

Upcoming Courses

- Saturday 28th March

- Saturday 9th May

- Saturday 113th June

Dance more - Save more

You can pay as you go, but you really save if you buy classes in advance!

Why Choose us ?

Why should you choose to join the Tango Fiesta Family?

Beautiful venues

Our venues are beautiful state of the art ballrooms with sprung floors and are appropriate artistic dance environments for our students. We are fully insured. Your safety is our priority. Check out Our Venue

Social Community

We create a warm, open and inclusive community for dancers of all ages and abilities. Tango is a very social dance. As well as learning to dance, we get to make lots of friends. Read some Student Testimonials.

Fully qualified teachers

We are fully qualified teachers with decades of professional teaching experience nationally and internationally at all levels. We are trained as dancers, choreographers and teachers. Read more About us

Choreographic teams

We offer lots of opportunities for our students to perform- We have 2 choreographic teams that perform all over the country and travel with us overseas. To read about the choreographic team- Click here

Value for money

We offer value for money. The more you dance, the more you save.
Check out our latest Special offers.

The extra touch

As well as our dance backgrounds, we are trained in body conditioning disciplines, including Pilates, Feldenkrais, Franklin Method, Yoga, Somatics, Chi Gung and breath work. Find out more about our Body Conditioning Classes.

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