Drop in Classes

We have a full programme of drop-in classes for students of all levels. We cater for dancers taking their very first tango steps as well as providing training for our most advanced students. We will welcome you with a big smile and a huge abrazo. We really want you to be inspired by the beauty and magic of Tango.

You do not need a partner. More than 90% of students attend class without a partner.

Wear comfortable clothes and soft shoes that enable you to pivot.
Later in your tango journey, we will guide you when selecting tango shoes.
There is no need to book your class in advance.
Just drop in and join our big tango family.


Absolute Beginners Class
Pillar Room, Parnell Square



Beginners Class
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Plus 30mins Practica

Beginners Class
The Pillar Room, Parnel Sq.

Studio 2, Newman Building, UCD.



Improvers Class
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Plus 1hour Milonga
The Pillar Room, Parnel Sq.



NEW: BODY CONDITIONING CLASS: Improve Posture and create a relaxed body.
Somatics/Pilates/Yoga/Posture Work and Technique
The Pillar Room, Parnel Sq.



Beginners Class
The Pillar Room,
Parnell Square.


Dance more - Save more

You can pay as you go, but you can really save if you buy your classes in advance!

Saturday Courses

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Beginner Courses

If you are new to tango start here
Beginners Tango

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