Private Classes

For that Special Focus. 
The private class allows us to focus all of our attention on you.
If you are new to tango, you may feel more comfortable learning the basics in a quiet atmosphere tailored specifically to your needs.
If you have danced tango before, you may be aware of certain areas of concern on which you might wish to focus. 
The private class is the perfect place to do just that. 
Perhaps you would like to improve your posture, work on your balance or enhance your fluidity of movement. Maybe you struggle with milonga or wish your vals was more elegant. Whatever your concern, the private class gives you the space to create, explore and practice your own unique style.
Each private is one hour long and takes place in our own studio. Our studio is bright, fitted with mirrors and wooden floors. 
It is necessary to book for our privates as they tend to book up several weeks in advance. Many students book class at the same time every week.
You can book a series of privates or opt for a once off class to complement your regular group classes.
You can book a private as a solo dancer or with a partner according to your preference.


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