Team Work

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I love this photo- even though it is a little blurry, the flash isn’t perfect and the light is bouncing off my dress.  But everyone is smiling from ear to ear. These are proud smiles of achievement (and more than a little relief)
This was the night of the first performance of the choreographic team. It was a wonderful night and the culmination of a huge amount of work for everyone concerned. Many performances were to follow, but this night was unique for me. It was the moment when I saw the team manifest in front of my eyes. It was very interesting for me, as choreographer and trainer.  I have directed big professional shows many times, but I was never as proud of a group as I was on this particular evening. Most of the team had no performance experience at all, and many of them had been dancing for a relatively short period of time. But they proved to themselves that hard work is the key to success. They simply brought the house down.
In tango, we can sometimes be a little isolated, despite the fact that we are rotating partners and meeting enormous amounts of new people. After each tanda, we change partners and we can lose connection even before it has been properly established. The team dynamic is very different. We work closely for many months, all of us focussing on one artistic goal. We come together to create something special. There are no egos. It is  a big dance family where everyone helps each other.
I was so proud of the whole team- not just those who performed.The delight on the supporters faces was just as intense and real as it was for the performers on the night. It was lovely to witness how their commitment to a creative goal forged lasting friendships and deep respect. We were as one.
Now, we are working on the next project. It is an even greater challenge. Every time, we have a tough rehearsal, I look at this photo and remind myself that all the hard work will eventually pay off and the memories that will endure will be worth every drop of perspiration.
Congratulations choreographic team.