The Dublin Tango Festival

Kristina and Julian are the creators of the highly regarded Dublin Tango Festival. It is sponsored by the Argentinian Embassies in Argentina and Ireland and by the Art’s Council. Their Festival is a celebration of the very finest tango has to offer and brings the world's most famous dancers and orchestras to Dublin. The event takes place every October/November , lasting 3 days. Its venue is the magnificent and opulent Pillar Room in Dublin’s city center.

This Festival attracts students of tango from all over the world and has been a massive success for the past eleven years, always selling out months in advance. Kristina and Julian are honored to have collaborated with their esteemed friends and colleagues from the world of tango. Previous guests to The Dublin Tango Festival include


Pablo Veron (10 visits)
Mingo and Esther Pugliese (4 visits)
Janeen and Yohann Le Grand (4 visits)
Geraldine Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi (3 visits)
Alejandra Mantinan and Aoniken Quiroga (1 visit)
Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo (2 visits)
Pablo Pugliese (2 visits)
Clare and Dario Da Silva (2 visits)
Oscar Mandagaran and Georgina Vargas ( 1 visit)
Amanda and Adrian Costa (1 visit)
Alejandro Ferraya and Fernando Grosso ( 2 visits)


Puro Apronte Orchestra
Tango Siempre Orchestra
Tango Pasion Orchestra
Fuego Tango Orchestra
The Piazzolla Quartet
Tango Extremo
Flavio Romanelli (Tango guitarist)
Sebastian Peczinik (Tango guitarist)
Caroline Moreau
Oleg Ponomarev and Drazen Derek


Bandiola Cafe - Argentinian Cafe
Marcello Biglia - Tango Photographer
Keane Harly M.C.
Eugene Fitzpatrick M.C.

Every year, at the festival, we present
The Jennifer Clark Scholarship,
in honor of our beloved student Jennifer Clark.
The award is presented by Martin and Susan Clark. The scholarship awards one lucky student free tuition for a full calendar year.
The Dublin Tango Festival 2015

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