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Pablo Veron Masterclass

Tango Fiesta are thrilled and excited to host and welcome back the legendary Tango artist PABLO VERON. Don’t miss this Magical opportunity to study with a true master of Tango.

Pablo Veron is one of the most celebrated ambassadors of tango and creator of a unique style that has earned him the respect of dancers of all ages in the world. He is recognized as a pioneer and key figure in the modernization and renewed popularity of the sensual dance of Buenos Aires. The Time Out of New York has written “Pablo Veron has the feet of God“.


  • MAY 4TH-5TH 2024



Pablo Veron Dublin May 2024


Pablo Veron & Geraldine Rojas

About Pablo Veron

Considered by the newspaper Liberation de Paris as “best dancer in the world”

Pablo’s expertise and artistry make him a true master of the dance, and his contributions to both stage and screen have solidified his legendary status in the tango world. His exceptional career, including iconic performances in films such as “The Tango Lesson” and “Assassination Tango,” has captivated audiences worldwide and inspired generations of dancers.

As a direct inheritor of tango tradition from its original creators, PABLO VERON brings unparalleled authenticity and depth to his teaching. His dedication to preserving the style and essence of tango while creating his own dynamic style of movement is truly unique, making him a revered figure in the tango community.

For all those who cherish the beauty of tango, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to learn from a living legend. PABLO VERON’s visit promises to be a magical experience, offering a profound insight into the art of tango from a true maestro.


Pablo Veron in
The Tango Lesson

Pablo Veron


Pablo Veron’s 4-part tango masterclass series! Accompanied by Kristina Chaloir.

Part 1.

One good turn deserves another

Building sequences from the giros/turn


TIME: 2pm – 3.30pm

VENUE: Dalkey Heritage Centre

Part 2.

Quick as a whip

Discovering interesting options for attack, dynamism and musical nuance.


TIME: 4pm – 5.30pm

VENUE: Dalkey Heritage Centre

Part 3.

Flying high with Planeos

Lyrical carousel movement – calecitas and Planeos

SUNDAY: 5th May

TIME: 2pm – 3:30pm

VENUE: Dalkey Heritage Centre2

Part 4.

Clean Sweep - Boleos

Sequences created with the barrida.

SUNDAY: 5th May

TIME: 4pm – 5:30pm

VENUE: Dalkey Heritage Centre2