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Beginner Tango ClassES

We want to make your first steps of tango as easy and rewarding as possible. We have a variety of beginner level classes, which will suit most busy schedules. We understand that many students may be attending their very first dance class with us and we do everything possible to make you feel at home

At Tango Fiesta we believe that absolutely everyone has the potential to dance. All it takes is a little training and patience. Dance is natural to everyone. It is our way to access and express our emotions. It is our innate response to music.





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Tango Fiesta


Tango Fiesta


We have Tango classes every night of the week at different venues across Dublin.


If you would like to contact us for any further information, do not hesitate. We are delighted to answer any questions you might have.
No partner is required. In fact, over 90% of students attend class without a partner.
Absolutely none! The common saying goes, “If you can walk, you can tango!” We’ll break it down into easy, logical steps, and you’ll feel like a dancer after just one class!
There’s no need at all. It’s easy to worry if you miss some classes, but it is always possible to pick up where you left off. Start – and re-start – at any time!
Feel free to wear anything comfortable. For shoes, we suggest leather-soled ones, and if you’re female, high heels are ideal. No pressure to get Argentine tango shoes immediately.
Not at all. In fact, one of our favourite things about tango is that it attracts people of all ages … from 18 to 80 plus!


Our Happy Students!

This is a wonderful journey with best teachers I have ever known their passion makes my heart sing and their patience inspires me to constantly improve. If you want to learn to dance and enjoy making friends along the way – come to their lessons . Try and you shall see

Dr Anna Wuczynska
From the moment u walked in. Until I left 2 hours later. U are made to feel very welcome. I would recommend to everybody just to try it just once. U will have fun. U def learn some moves. Tango dancing is my new passion!
Deridre Murray
It is rare that you come across teachers who make you feel great, involved, and totally at home in their class from which you leave energised and delighted. Outstanding teachers, welcoming, empowering, and a joy to be with.
Stephen Wainwright