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Here are just a few testimonials from some of the many students that we have had the pleasure to work with at Tango Fiesta.

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The Love

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This is a wonderful journey with best teachers I have ever known their passion makes my heart sing and their patience inspires me to constantly improve. If you want to learn to dance and enjoy making friends along the way – come to their lessons . Try and you shall see

Dr Anna Wuczynska
From the moment u walked in. Until I left 2 hours later. U are made to feel very welcome. I would recommend to everybody just to try it just once. U will have fun. U def learn some moves. Tango dancing is my new passion!
Deridre Murray
It is rare that you come across teachers who make you feel great, involved, and totally at home in their class from which you leave energised and delighted. Outstanding teachers, welcoming, empowering, and a joy to be with.
Stephen Wainwright

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The Love

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I cannot say enough good things about this pair. The venue is also beautiful. I felt like it was important to them that I progressed and that I improved. They are amazing teachers. The classes are lots of fun and top, top quality. I would recommend Tango Fiesta to anyone
Jamie Ferguson
Hello Kristina and Julian! I hope you’re doing great there in Dublin! After returning to Argentina I wanted to tell you something but for one reason or another I never did: when I was in Europe I went to several tango classes and yours was definitely the best. You rock! Or actually, you tango!
Alejandro D. Neme
I would need a book to describe how wonderful and talented these teachers are. I would highly recommend a visit to Kristina and Julian at Tango Fiesta.
Edward Gannon
We presented a huge challenge to Tango Fiesta when we asked to be coached for a competition with only 4 weeks to prepare. Having never danced before made the challenge almost insurmountable. However with the professionalism and detailed coaching we produced a magnificent performance and the top score of the competition. Julian worked so hard to get the technical aspects sorted and broke down all the moves. Kristina meticulously choreographed the routine with every possible minute aspect gone over in fine detail. Their passion is infectious and our experience will stay with us forever. We achieved a lot more than we thought when we signed up for. Working with true professionals who know how to get to the summit while still sharing in the enjoyment of it all made the experience so enjoyable. A huge thanks to Kristina and Julian.
Tommy Kelly
Julian and Kristina are by far the best tango teachers there are!! Ireland, we are truly blessed to have these two extremely talented people here!! Kristina is like an angel to watch dancing and she really touched my heart watching her move!…. she is so informative and makes learning fun and achievable. She teaches techniques that help with dance but also posture for every day life! Julian is amazing dancer and teaches his authentic style . He tells funny jokes during class helping us to learn but also he keeps us attentive and smiling during our lessons. He is the real deal argentine man but has extremely good English( actually better than mine) Julian and Kristina together make the perfect dance partners and their work shows in every bit of what they do! Patience of saints!! Thank you to you both, you are INSPIRATIONAL!!
Keira Mcnamee
They provide everything that I want in a class: excellent, experienced teachers, clear instruction and a warm environment. Classes are conducted with passion and commitment. I am learning so much from them. Kristina and Julian’s musical sensitivity, sense of rhythm and great technique, never cease to amaze me. I am very lucky to have found their school of dance. I recommend all of my friends to start learning this amazing dance. If you are looking for a great tango school, Tango Fiesta Dublin is the place to go. You will be certainly be satisfied with the results!!! Thank you guys for everything that you do for us!
Jolanta Oliwiak

Having never tried out the tango scene i was terrified coming here for the first time. It really is such an experience and I loved every minute of it! They are really friendly teachers and really treat you as having potential even if you seem to have two left feet. They both have the patience of saints and go at your pace rather than pushing you too hard. I improved even after one lesson and am looking forward to going back again! it’s really good value too for the lesson

Sarah Taylor

I never thought that the music and movement could teach me so much. I found in Kristina and Julian’s classes remarkable musicality, beauty and harmony, engagement and a huge commitment to share their knowledge with us. All of which I am eternally grateful for. What else could be better after a long stressful day to go to learn and dance Argentine tango? Nothing. A huge thank you to Kristina and Julian, who create a great loving, open community. Kristina and Julian are simply my inspiration to create beauty in the world

Tunde Szentesi

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