Body Awareness

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Body awareness class

It is absolutely imperative that dancers are strong, physically fit, and relaxed in their movement. A conditioning regime gives dancers the opportunity to strengthen their bodies and compliments their technical and stylistic dance training. It also helps to prevent injuries.

In body conditioning class, we focus on body awareness and alignment. We become more aware of our anatomy and breath. We build a deep strength and flexibility using a variety of techniques and apparatus including resistance stretch bands, Pilates magic circles, and Franklin balls.

Conditioning typically includes:

  • Postural awareness exercises
  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Strength Exercises
  • Core/Abdominal Work
  • Arm/ Back/Leg/Pelvic Work
  • Relaxation Exercise

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Relaxation Exercises

Your first thought is most likely what does relaxation have to do with being physically fit or dancing tango. 

The ability to release unnecessary muscular tension is critical for beautiful efficient movement. Like the other aspects of conditioning, it can be learned and incorporated into dance education. A relaxed dancer is a free artist and a happy person. A relaxed tango dancer is responsive and inspired, able to surrender to her partner creating harmony. Somatic (mind/body) training techniques can be especially helpful for dancers. 

It allows them to learn how to create efficient movement without unnecessary tension. Some of the techniques explored in Kristina’s classes include Franklin Method, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, Yoga, and breath work.


What to expect
The results of body conditioning become apparent very quickly. Students typically remark on increased energy and endurance and improved dance performance. Many are also delighted to notice a more fit and toned physique. You do not have to dance tango to join the body conditioning class. It is a fantastic way to develop long, strong muscles and wonderful posture. However, if you do want to see your tango improve exponentially, this is one of the best classes to add to your training.

Class Content

Exact course content may differ depending on the participants in each class, but topics covered will generally include:
  • Muscle strength exercises, leading to increased flexibility
  • Understanding of posture and awareness of your body in space
  • Improved alignment
  • Develop basic co-ordination of arm, back, feet and legs
  • Building of core strength

As well as her many dance accolades, Kristina has spent decades training in a huge variety of body conditioning disciplines including Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Somatics, Meditation, Metamorphosis, Breath Work and Chi Kung. 

She is passionate about helping her students become as flexible and strong as possible. She enjoys seeing people of every age exceed their past limitations and develop beautiful posture and lasting body confidence.